Through the Looking Glass - Future

Time: 20:00

The small taxi shuttle pulled to a smooth stop in front of the marble structure her family now called home. It was hard to believe that exactly two years ago today they were looking up into the rusted vaults of their factory abode; so much had changed in seven hundred and thirty days and it seemed that change was only the beginning. What started out as a ploy to obtain what they needed to survive had turned into a way of life that now fueled the spotlight constantly focused on their perfect group. They were the face of charity itself and the right hand men and women of the wealth of the New United Nations.

There were two occupants in the shuttle, each equality out-of-sorts for two very different reasons. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay at my place? You shouldn’t have to work after just getting back.” The young man spoke first, glancing over at his companion for some kind of hopeful answer; something to put his mind at ease since his heart was lost for the count. “I haven’t seen the children in a week and I’d like to be there when they wake up. Thank you, Arthur, but I’ll be fine.” Keita offered him to kindest smile she could manage without breaking and, thankfully, he leaned in to kiss her so she didn’t have to manage long. “I love you.” he sighed as she keyed open the door of the vessel, her luggage already waiting on the other side for her. “I love you too.” she assured him before exiting out into the cool night wind.

Hawaii had been beautiful; the beaches were tranquil, something Keita hadn’t considered possible in this booming age of thunderous machinery, but she had non-the-less thoroughly enjoyed their time spent there. When Arthur, her celebrity boyfriend of a eighteen months, first asked her to join him on his little retreat she’d been hesitant, but it wouldn’t have made sense for her to shoot him down without a valid reason. Despite her better judgement, everything had been perfect, until her Starfleet Captain decided to take his leap of faith.

For the first time in a while, Keita had been at a complete loss for words as he descended to one knee and presented her with the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen. She had never meant for things to get this far and, in this moment, she couldn’t help but wish it had not been his ring she had accepted. There was no other logical option and the truth left her feeling empty and shattered.

As she ascended the steps to their front door she slipped the sliver band from her finger, placing it back within the black box it had come from. She couldn’t bare to look at it nor think about the future it was associated with. Any other girl on the planet would have switched places with her in a heartbeat, but it always seemed the unfortunate truth that sacrifices for those you love come with a heavy burden and it hers was to be relieving this man of his ‘heart-breaker’ status.

Entrance to her their home required fingerprint identification; the system welcomed her back upon recognition of her identity and automatic opening of the door. The living room into which the gateway opened was extensively decorated and beautiful beyond anything imaginable, but right now all she could see was the mix of emotions that were clouding her vision. 

"Khan." she called out into the empty room, hopeful that he would indeed answer her. There was no keeping her fate a secret from anyone of her family members for soon she was sure the entire nation would know about her betrothal; the thought made her sick. When he appeared in one of the doorways to the right of the space she placed down her things and walked over to him, stopping just inches from his chest. 

She pulled out the little box that held her prison and opened it, showing him what was inside before closing it swiftly and tossing it across the room as if it didn’t matter. Her now free hands reached up and grabbed a hold of his collar, gently pulling him into a kiss. Keita had kissed him only once before, back when they were still young; it had been something their creators demanded of them for the sake of the show, but she’d hardly known him and had, honestly, forgotten about the instance altogether. This time it was different for her and, as much as she knew there would be consequences for her actions, she couldn’t bring herself to care. She loved him and that was something she knew he could never really understand. 

Their contact lasted only a moment and when she released him completely she took a step back and surveyed him from under dark eyelashes. “I am done pretending. I am done being fake.” He had made her a promise two years ago that he would take care of anyone who got too close; it was time to cash that in.

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